Things to Bring



You will also need to bring something to munch on and something to drink.   Please combine all drinks and food into one cooler for your party. Beer (cans only) is permitted. Leave the hard liquor at home, please.  If you plan on getting intoxicated on the trip please don’t come. SunSetter Adventure charters will not tolerate excessive drinking on our charters. Other items to consider bringing along include camera, rain gear, sunglasses and sunblock, motion sickness medication (such as Dramamine). Make sure you start taking Dramamine, AT LEAST 2 hours before leaving the dock. 


Cooler For Trip Home


Make sure you leave a cooler in your vehicle to take all your fish home. Bring a box of large Ziploc bags,

for your fish fillets. We will fillet your fish and bag it to take home. ( Please Allow up to 90 Minutes at the completion of your charter for Fish cleaning depending on amount of Fish to Clean and weather  Thank You)

Pennsylvania Fishing License



Pennsylvania Law requires that we only fish the Lake Erie waters of PA. Anyone over the age of 16 must have a valid PA fishing license with Lake Erie permit. You will also need a trout stamp if catching/keeping any trout species, including lake trout. If you haven't done so already, you can buy your Pa. License online Here, Just click link Below.

Buy Your Pennsylvania Fishing License Now